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Welcome to Uncut Fishing. (Our Website is best viewed with Internet Explorer)

Uncut Fishing Video Productions are based in the Northwest of England. We host and supply our very own pike, carp and sea fishing videos for all the family. You are  about to discover the online source for the best fishing videos in the Northwest. Entertainment and instructional fishing videos with a difference! The perfect fishing gift for all the family, UCF brings you angling productions with a difference.

Remember, we offer free UK postage on all our Fishing Videos and guarantee your order gets dispatched first class once your payment has been received. Orders after 2.pm will be dispatched the next working day.

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About our Productions?

Our fishing DVDs are unique in their own right, with over 30 years fishing experience and 5 years video editing, I have combined the two skills together bringing you angling productions with a difference! We don't pre bait swims for days on end, nor do we fish waters that have not been fished in years! We give you angling as it is, right there on the bank side. There are no written scripts in our productions just raw unscripted family entertainment.

Uncut Fishing Video Productions We have a massive advantage. We produce, direct and edit our fishing videos, so our hands on experience puts us in touch with our audience. We understand what you need out of a fishing production and we bring you... Angling realism to the very heart of your front room.

Read what people are saying about our Uncut Fishing DVD productions!

UCF 3 (Pike with a Bite)
I just wanted to say that I was absolutely blown away with the DVD 'Pike With a bite'. Having previously purchased Uncut Fishing 1 & 2 I couldn't wait to get my hands on number 3, after watching the video, I was so  impressed I got my rods out and went fishing on a nearby water trying the methods you used Andy. To my amazement, I landed a 15lb personal best. (Thanks) I thought the video to be very well presented and the action is second to none, it's by far the best fishing video I have seen in a long time. When is your next video out.(Extract from UCF 3 review)

Good luck lads.

Wayne (Holland)

UCF 6 (Smiths Lodge)
After watching yet another of Andy Commons fishing DVDs, it gives me great pleasure to see a man with as much commitment and enthusiasm to fishing as the great Fred Dibnah had to Steam Engines. (Extract from our UCF 6 review)

Tony (Bolton)

UCF 7 (Fishing for carp the UCF way)
Hi Andy, I watched UCF Series 7 a couple of times now; it looked a fantastic day taking the Video footage, on the technical side your commentary was spot on, very informative, very educational and appeals across to all the angling fraternity, your passion and local knowledge is invaluable in that piece of water, both above and below. (Extract from our UCF 7 review)

Stuart (Nottingham)

Now let me have my say!

Our DVDs are not just other gloss's, I stress form the outset that our productions are produced by ordinary anglers without the aid of artificial light of sophisticated video equipment (Hence the Blair Witch Effect) Uncut Fishing is exactly what is says Uncut Fishing raw, unscripted family entertainment. Join us fishing on selected venues in the North and South of England, from local disused canals to big fish, big name venues for your enjoyment. Along with fishing rigs and tactics we compile a few hilarious out takes which gives you around 1 hour of good all round family entertainment.

Spinning Spools!

If you have any comments or questions relating to our website please contact us using the links provided. Enjoy your visit and please call again.

Feel free to join our fishing forum and share your views on, rigs, tips and tricks with other members, its free and only takes a minute to register. Click here to join.

Andy Commons

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Just some of our fishing DVDs that are available.

Pike Fishing DVDs. Uncut Fishing 3. ( Pike with a bite).


Carp Fishing videos. Uncut Fishing 2. (Carp Fishing with a difference 2)


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